Higher education in Ukraine with IAPM means optimal, comfortable learning environment for students of all forms of education and a high level of knowledge.

The Zhytomyr Institute is highly skilled in the following areas:

05 Social and behavioral sciences:
- 053 Psychology.

07 Management and administration:
- 071 Accounting and Taxation;
- 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance;
- 073 Management.

08 Law:
- 081 Law.

Cost of education


The educational process at the Interregional Academy of Personnel is carried out in both traditional and the innovative forms of education, each of which has certain advantages.

Full-time study (full-time department)

Full-time students can:
- immerse themselves in education;
- communicate with experienced teachers, well-knowned scientists and experts (permanent access to their knowledge and personal experience);
- work in computer classes and Library;
- have the opportunity to feel the full students life (communication, recreation, extracurricular work).

Extramural form of education

Extramuralstudents can get:
- education while working;
- free schedule, the opportunity to study at a convenient time;
- simultaneous theoretical knowledge with fixing them in practice;
- access not only to the personal experience of teachers, but also the exchange of practical and theoretical knowledge of working classmates;
- establishing business contacts.


For joining IAPM you should submit:

1. Four color photo (3x4 cm);

2. Educational document with the application (original and copy);

3. External certificates;

4. Passport (original and copy)
* In the case of submitting a passport with a contactless electronic carrier, you must add a copy of the extract about registration of the place of residence;

5. Military ticket or certificate of registration (for military persons);

6. Certificate of change of surname, name or patronymic (if necessary);

7. Identification code (original and copy).

8. The results of the external evaluation are printed on blank sheets.

Selection committee: Mon. - Fri. 9.00-17: 00 Break: 13: 00-13: 30

(0412) 42-34-30;
+38 (068) 058-90-91 (Viber)

e-mail: vkztmaup@ukr.net