Zhytomyr Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher Educational Institution" Interregional Academy of Personnel Management "(RI IAPM) is a separate structural unit of PJSC" IAPM ", which implements in accordance with the licenses educational and professional programs of higher education in 5 law specialties: "," Accounting and Taxation "; "Management"; "Finance, Banking and Insurance"; "Psychology"; (full-time and part-time forms of study).


Director of Zhytomyr Institute of IAPM - TEMARA VSEVOLODIVNA SEMENYUK - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Doctor of Sociology, MCA Professor, awarded the badge "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", the badge "For Achievements in Education", the gold medal of the International Personnel Management Academy", A diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and diplomas of city and regional councils, a badge of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine" Vasyl Sukhomlynsky ", has been working since 2008.

At the Zhytomyr Institute of PJSC "IAPM" the educational process is provided by the staff of four departments, as well as by leading scientists, teachers and managers who are involved in part-time work.

Zhytomyr Institute has its own licenses for the right to carry out educational activities and issue diplomas of national and international standards to the level of "bachelor" in the specialties: 053 "Psychology", 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance", 071 "Accounting and Taxation", 073 "Management" », 081« Law »and to the level and« master »by specialties: 073 "Management", 081 "Law".

The total area of the institute's educational premises is 2093.8 sq.m. An area of 1582.8 sq.m. is used to ensure the educational process in accordance with the available contingent of students. At its disposal, the Zhytomyr Institute of PJSC MAUP University has a sports hall (214.4 sq.m.), a sports ground (275 sq.m.), a library (85.6 sq.m.), a reading room with 26 seats (48 , 4 sq.m.), four computer classes (201.7 sq.m.), student cafe (38.1 sq.m.), medical center (22.8 sq.m.), assembly hall 120 sq.m.), 4 methodical offices.


Students will receive modern knowledge, practical recommendations of qualified economists, psychologists, lawyers, political scientists, managers during classes in the form of problem-based dialogue lectures, seminars, trainings, business games. Students are provided with free educational literature, textbooks, manuals and sets of handouts that really help to apply knowledge in practice. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills give the opportunity to grow professionally, advance in the service, hold managerial positions, as well as provide career growth.


Material and technical base of ZHI MAUP

Premises, adjacent territory and stadium


Selection commission, departments, educational part, medical point

Auditorium fund

Library and reading room


Legal clinic

Student cafe